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Business Actress

Corporate Actress, Role player, Business Actress – there are many terms for what I do: I use my skills as an actress for companies. On stage in front of a broad audience or one-on-one  in conversation with employees or managers in a smaller setting.


After graduating from drama school in 2000, I was cast for the newly founded corporate theater vitaminT, and since then I have been working as a freelance actress for various companies in a wide range of industries (including banks, IT, NGOs, technology, aviation).


I know professional life not only as an actress, though: I am a trained forwarding agent with professional experience in a leading position. I also had many smaller jobs and studied two terms of business administration. This combination, along with my natural tendency to improvise and interact, my passion for communicating with people in different languages, my joy in embodying different types of personalities and immersing myself in real emotions, my curiosity about life and my life experience, all of this makes me a skilled and capable role player.

Business Actress Experience

Other professional experience and training until 2000:

  • Direct sales of encyclopedias (street sales) Arnkrone Publishing, Norway

  • Secretary at the Tschudi&Eitzen shipping company, Oslo

  • Academic studies business administration, 2 terms, University of Applied Sciences Munich

  • Promoter of promotional products for Stein Promotions

  • Training as Foreign Language Correspondent for French (main language) and Italian (secondary language), SDI Munich

  • Secretary of temporary employment agencies ADIA and Kern

  • Further education „Business French“ at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce/Sorbonne, Paris

  • Apprenticeship as a forwarding agent at Hamann International, Munich

  • Head of Department for air and sea freight, Spedicam Munich

  • Self-employed billsticker for advertising panels

  • Waitress at various cafes and restaurants

From 2000:

  • Presentation and accompaniment of bus tours at Frankfurt Airport

  • International airplane courier for bone marrow for Ontime Courier

  • City Tour Guide in Munich for Eat the World

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